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Safety & Security

Radiance Group is very serious about its security. A secure environment is sine-qua-non for ensuring better working atmosphere. Therefore, security department is comprised with well-trained security staffs. Round the clock security, spreading total aspect of production have been taken into consideration. This simply proves our seriousness towards security.

Fire Safety: We maintain full safety measures against fire incidents. This includes First Aid Fire Appliances, Fire Hydrant System with Sufficient of reserved Water, Smoke Detection System, Sprinkler System, Fire Alarm System with central monitoring system maintained by Fire Section with highly trained fire crews. Electrical Safety: We maintain ACCORD and all other recognized standards for Electrical Safety, meeting all legal requirements.

Building Safety: Building safety measures are ACCORD recognized. We are continuously maintaining it as per all legal and Building code requirements with all test parameters.

Safety Security: We have a large team of trained security personnel with round the clock security watching, physical checking at the entrance by male & female security checkers and 24 hours’ CCTV coverage of whole campus. All safety security measures are also regularly checked and ensured by an experienced team. Overall security and safety are also monitored by another team of all level officials on daily roster basis.

Housekeeping: We also put adequate emphasis towards house-keeping. Our belief is that, without good housekeeping working condition can never be improved. For that end in view we have attached great importance on house-keeping. A dedicated workforce is employed to help maintain clean & healthy environment. A simple round of the factory will simply prove our commitment.